10 essential accessories to have in your closet

Hello lovely people,

Wish you all a beautiful year ahead…

My first post of this year .. and I am all excited to share few tips to keep your wardrobe updated. Here’s a list of 10 most essential accessories to have in your closet and turn your basic outfit all set for the street or your next party. Now remember you don’t have to overload yourself with all 10 of these accessories in a one go.

Keep it simple and classy.

Number1: Statement rings

So the name suggests, Statement rings will say it all. They could be BIGG, BRIGHT, BOLD or quirky. Step out wearing them and reflect your confident self. It is not absolute to overload your fingers but you can take little steps and start with one.

Check out some of these rings and pick your own style.ring collageNumber2: Belts

Everyone needs a belt to give their waist a definition and to put together an outfit. If you have not yet invested in one.. you must. Play with the width of the belts and make any outfit look more flattering. belts collageNumber3: Earrings/studs

If you like to experiment with your earrings or not , studs are the best bet. Just a couple of pairs to add some oomph to your wardrobe.Studs collageNumber4: Flats/ballerinas 

A pair of  ballerinas and you are all set to go out. Even if you are comfortable wearing heels there is no harm in having a pair of flats/ballerinas. Unlike me, if you are happy with just one pair, you can stay with any timeless neutral color like black or nude. Shoes collageNumber5: Clutch

A small chic clutch, if you don’t want to carry all the arsenal along 🙂 . Just big enough to hold your wallet, cards and a phone.Bags collageNumber6: Necklaces 

Grab on to some of your favorite necklaces and just go ahead and experiment with the length and layering. I know I have some of the pieces in my closet that have become my personal favorite and I am wearing them almost everyday. Go ahead and find your go to pieces now.chain-collage.jpgNumber7: Scarf

A scarf is something we might ignore but trust me it can be worn daily and not just on chilly nights around your neck. Also, it surely protects you from harmful pollution and rays. Here are some ways you can carry it.Scarf collageNumber8: Hats/caps

A bad hair day or its chilly outside or to make your ensemble interesting put on a hat/cap. Below are some ways you can top up your style quotient.caps collage

Number9: Watch

There surely is a pool of wrist watches out there but without a doubt if you want to own just one it has to be a classic gold watch. Nothing can go wrong there.watches-collage-e1516178157731.jpgNumber10: Sunglasses

Lastly, a pair of Sunglasses!! Remember to select the one that goes with your face shape. But then again if you are unsure, go with an Aviator just like a classic gold watch , no risk involved.

Sunglasses collage

Let me know in the comments if you would like to add something more to this list of accessories.


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