Golden Globes 2017

It’s back and so am I.

This time of the year seemed to be the right time to refresh and restart . After all its 2017. Happy New Year to all you fabulous people out there.

Golden Globe Awards being the first one to kick start the year, it surely sets up the pace for fashion trends in upcoming events. This year, like always, had many hits and few unfortunate misses on the Red Carpet. I will discuss about some of them here but firstly, Meryl I loved your speech and of course you wore Black 🙂 , one of the  Givenchy’s Haute Couture floor length dress with V neckline and subtle embellishment which was both, ‘Ferocious but Feminine’ and that’s what I loved about it.


Coming back to the red carpet parade, this year you will notice some beautiful dresses in solid colors. Not everyone was wearing whites and shades of black, which is good… right??And Yes!! Yellow seems to be the favorite by the way, from Natalie Portman, Deepika Padukone, Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis, Maisie Williams to Emily Ratajkowski. That’s a lot of yellow.

Do let me know in the comments, if i have missed anyone.

Like every other red carpet event, Golden Globe also showed us a lot of glitter and bling onto the carpet, this too was not so different  with its over the top bling. Starting with Quantico lady Priyanka Chopra to Nicole Kidman( yea those waves on her dress was a clear piece of art, hats off to the artists working at Alexander Mcqueen, though there’s a lot going on in this dress cold shoulder ruffles, sequins, those sleeves), Ruth Nega, Christina Ricci, Sofia Vergara,Sarah Paulson, Annetee.

Some of the celebs seems to be still stuck with ruffles from the last year, may be ruffles are here to stay for a little longer time.

But surprisingly there was not much volume this year. But lots of cold shouldersto see.

Here are some of the few that made me look into them again because they were either too good to look back into or too bad for me to digest.

not a fan of these ones though…

I would love to know if I missed out on any great outfits..



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