Wear to Work


How are you doing ?? You know what, I again went for a weeks off … lucky me!!! I know!!  🙂 but its sad that I missed out the best part of my week “Publishing Posts for you my friend” 😦 .

Anyways, Now Let us Talk Fashauunnnnn…. 🙂

Let me share something…I wear uniform to my office… same color…. same silhouette..for FIVEEE days in a week. Can you just IMAGINE.. I am stuck.. I feel throttled sometimes :(..   But that’s what everyone has to wear here at Airport.

And sadly, people who have the liberty to dump their uniform and can wear anything(Formal of course :)) they just cannot experiment with their looks. It’s always Trousers and a Striped/Monotone Shirt and for a change a kurta/tunic and jeggings… It does look good on them (not on everyone I must say) but it is BOOOring ..TRUST ME.

Fetch some vibrancy from your wardrobe to your office and if you dun have much to flatter then go out and shopppp!!!!  Checkout below some nice twist and flavors that you can wear to your office to keep yourself energetic and vivacious all day long coz believe me ask someone like me wearing uniform to its office .. IT SUCKS… ;( .

all day out1


So let me know friend how do you find this post.. will be soon posting some of “Wear to Work” looks along with few tips so if You LIKE IT You can BUY IT easily without wandering here and there and wasting your precious time “MY PRECIOUS” :).

Have fun and fashionable weekend.. xoooo.


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