Not a Costume Party !!!!

Have you been to a  social gathering where you catch sight of a person wearing something and you ask yourself … Is that a costume or the outfit of the day???..

No one would prefer to look like a clown in any kinda social gathering especially if it is some family occasion or a friend’s wedding or if you are a celebrity you definitely would not like to walk over the red carpet looking like a a disaster…I browsed through internet and found such insanely dressed people that too with the guts to wear it in front of paparazzi s…


Yes girls that is a pretty and  a cute and feathery outfit on our left but it is not the one you should wear for a party or a wedding and absolutely no over a Red carpet .


And this look on our right is Perfect for any event  with a perfect silhouette . It is elegant and not at all a costume.. Can you see the difference ?? No…???

scroll down n make your guesses as to which ones the  costume and which is not…








mallika-sherawat-2                                               A18A421AEA60D4C3883F86282220DA

01-bjork-swan-dress-2lXwwv-med                                           kbosworth_v_7jan13_rex_b_426x639

A perfect outfit has to be complemented with a perfect makeup and hairstyle, know some easy DIYs that you can easily adopt into your beauty regime without making a big hole in your wallet. visit by Patricia to look dazzling for THE Evening you are planning to go out this weekend 


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